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Diabetes campaign proves to be successful

In an exciting new campaign for diabetes research, Dundee University has successfully raised over £3.5 million, as well as a further £1.1 million in follow-on funding. The target was originally £3 million, but this was beaten and has delighted the research team at NHS Tayside and Dundee University who are eager to put the money to great use in researching the condition. Researcher stated that the campaign itself has proven to be a catalyst for recruiting some of the best scientists and medical minds in diabetes research, which has meant great support for the cause. Dundee is a leading research centre, with a 46m euro collaboration with more than 20 universities and six industry partners across Europe.

Diabetes is a condition which is largely affected by one’s lifestyle, with diet and weight playing a big part in the development of the problem. The director of the Medical Research Institute in Dundee, Professor Morris, stated that more information needs to be gathered in order to help treat those suffering with diabetes. More than 20,000 people in Tayside alone have the condition, with many health concerns and associations with diabetes being a cause for concern. Through this campaign, the University has created a name for itself as being one of the leaders in diabetes research and as an international centre of excellence within this field.

Thanks to the opening of the Gannochy Trust Clinical Research Suite, patients in Perthshire now have a great deal of resources and access to clinical research, as well as researchers being able to access first class facilities. The NHS Endowment Fund provided a grant to help create the new patient rooms in the Strathmore Diabetes Centre in Ninewells Hospital – the effects and benefits of the money are already being seen by patients and medical staff alike.


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