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Diabetes Could Keep Child Off School

One very worried mother is facing the anxious and problematic prospect of keeping her four-year-old out of school. This is unless the youngster receives the level of care that would be able to treat her potentially-fatal diabetes. Young Imogen Dodson suffers from Type 1 diabetes, which is a complex life-threatening condition. Sadly she is one of a growing number of children who have the condition.

If her too-low sugar level is left untreated it could end up with her falling into a coma, and suffering complications that can be as serious as brain damage or even death. Over-high sugar levels can also affect the youngster’s behaviour and ability to concentrate and learn. So no part of the situation is ideal.

She is currently being home-schooled rather than attending a nursery due to fears about her health. Her parents naturally worry about Imogen and fear that she is is far too young to be in control of her medical needs and needs regular monitoring and care. Imogen is due to soon start at Warlingham Village Primary School

But her parents’ stringent efforts to get her a statement of Special Educational Needs for when she starts there – which would give specific funding to pay for her specific individual personalised care – have so far been rejected by Surrey County Council. Instead she has been offered School Action Plus help. Not as formalised as the Special Educational Needs, School Action Plus will see a care plan devised for Imogen.

Most of her care in school will still be expected to be carried out by mainly myself and whatever staff happen to be available.


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