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What Gifts are Good to Give Friends with Arthritis?

Rheumatoid arthritis comes with certain limitations, such as difficulty holding pens or doing up buttons, and so that nice stationary set or item of clothing you were going to buy for your friend may not be the best thing for their wellness. If you have a friend with rheumatoid arthritis – and a birthday coming up – there are many gifts you can give them that can help improve their wellbeing.

Firstly, get to know about the types of limitation that your friend has to deal with. Does he or she have a problem using regular utensils to prepare meals and to eat, or is that fine but reaching for items in their kitchen cupboards is a challenge? Once you have the low-down on their condition, there are several shops online that provide a wide range of items to help someone with rheumatoid arthritis cope with physical challenges.

Your friend might appreciate eating utensils with special grip handles that make them easier to hold and use or knives that work with a rocking motion – as these will greatly reduce stress on your friend’s hands and wrist. for gardening enthusiasts, tools with special grips or extra-long handles might be a good idea, or your friend might like a reacher or grabber which allows them to extend their reach and retrieve items. You can also buy door knob grippers, which make it easier to turn regular door knobs, special cushions that can be put on pens and pencils, and dressing aids, such as button hooks, zip pulls, and shoe horns.

If your friend struggles buttoning clothing, or has items that are difficult to put on, how about giving them a voucher to have the clothing altered by a professional tailor or seamstress? You could even do the alterations yourself if you are handy with a needle and thread – all you need is a few Velcro brand fasteners. Other vouchers your friend might appreciate include ones for lawn services, cleaning services, maintenance services, food shopping delivery or a catered or home-cooked meal once a month. You could also help them with a voucher for a massage, gym or fitness club membership, tai chi classes, hair salon services or even a spa day.



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