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How Can Exercise Help With Cancer Treatment?

Those battling cancer will often need to undergo various treatments which affect your body in different ways, often leaving you feeling quite drained, both physically and mentally. Chemotherapy is the most commonly associate treatment, but radiation therapy and drugs are also used. Some women find that they struggle to cope with the side effects of Tamoxifen pills, which are designed to combat the effects of oestrogen-based <a href="”>breast cancer. Side effects which have been reported include getting lightheaded and hot flushes – some even pass out due to these effects. This can mean added stress, in addition to the emotions you’re already feeling through coping with the cancer itself. While not everyone experiences these side effects, many feel more comfortable taking an additional tablet known as Effexor to boost their energy levels.

Many find that listening to their body helps determine which treatments are most effective – some, for example, report that following chemotherapy, they feel lightheaded and have been known to pass out. It’s important during this time to be diligent with your diet, as a loss of appetite is one known risk of the chemotherapy. With so many chemicals and drugs going into your body, a strict diet is vital in order to ensure you’re filling your body with the nutrients it needs to stay as healthy as possible. Protein is important for keeping your energy levels up, so protein bars and shakes are useful to keep around the house, as it eating every two hours to refuel your body. Your immune system will take the brunt of the chemotherapy, so refuelling with healthy vitamins, minerals and protein will keep it fighting any additional illness.

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Your support network of family and friends will get you through this stage in your life – don’t feel worried about leaning on them for emotional support when you need it. Many people feel as though they need to hide their illness and stay strong for others, but your health is what’s important here, so if you’re struggling you need to let people around you know. Likewise, remain positive – once the chemotherapy is over, your energy levels will start to return to normal and you’ll begin to feel like yourself again.


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