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Small Ways of Sustaining Diabetes – And Your Wallet

As you grow older, the likelihood of developing Type-Two Diabetes is a discomforting prospect. Often, it is a genetic issue, by which there is very little that can be done to prevent it, but that does not mean that you have to be stuck on medication all the time.

Whilst critical, the damage does not have to extend to the rest of your life too. Indeed, the concept that you have to empty your wallet to save your own life is not an end-all scenario. There are ways of saving money, without having to risk more than you have to.

If you haven’t developed diabetes yet, but suspect that you may be at risk, then getting a blood-screening is not a problem – under the NHS, the checks are sound, discreet and thorough. Even if you come clean, there are ways of staying secure properly; by losing 5-7 percent of your body weight and exercising at least 150 minutes a week, the risks of developing diabetes are over an astounding 60%. Dieting is also an excellent way of balancing out your blood sugar, as well as keeping other toxins out of your body.

This can be applicable to those that have already developed diabetes. There are many different types of so-called “new and improved” medication for any ailment, but the majority carry a huge dose of side-effects. Insert the mortifying, long chain of side-effect-culling pills at your leisure.

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Keep to what you know – the old types are the best, lest they wouldn’t still be in production today. Discuss this with your doctor, find what is best for less. You don’t always have to nod and agree with everything. It’s your body. The less side-effects that you have to worry about, the less you have to spend combating them.

Look for support. You’re going through a big change in your life – that doesn’t mean that you have to do it alone. Support groups are a fantastic way of meeting people that have gone through the motions already. They are the ones that have shrugged off heavy dosages or the ones that hop onto the treadmill. The words of the experienced are the ones that you can carry with you – and more importantly, you can share your own.


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