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A Clove of Garlic a Day Keeps Heart Disease at Bay

Garlic is one of nature’s wonders. A delight in cooking, it is packed with health-giving benefits and is especially good for lowering cholesterol. Allied to this is garlic’s ability to keep our blood flowing and reduce fat cells in the cells, making garlic the No.1 natural product for heart health.

Introducing garlic into your diet is easy. And if you’re put off by its particularly pungent aroma, fear not – the pong tends to disappear in cooking and, anyway, wouldn’t you rather be healthy than worrying about whiffing a little of garlic?

It’s recommended that you eat at least one clove per day to keep your heart healthy. Remember to use fresh garlic because, when crushed, it released hydrogen sulphide which is essential for heart health.

Crush a clove of garlic and add it to soups such as tomato and basil, vegetable and lentil. It will add depth and flavour. When used in a spicy soup such as the Indian rasam, garlic also has an antibiotic effect and will keep coughs, colds and fevers at bay.

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Add freshly crushed garlic to salad oils and vinegar dressings to pep up leaves. Or simply chop a clove and sprinkle it over fresh tomatoes for a zingy taste that packs a powerful health punch – tomatoes are filled with health-giving properties and are part of the renowned Mediterranean diet that is famed for helping heart health.

Tomato sauces with garlic are also great with pasta and you can even mop up the sauce with a slice of garlic bread – home-made naturally with freshly crushed cloves and herbs – for a quite delicious meal. Pep up potatoes with a crushed clove or two when you mash them.

Garlic and ginger paste is a basic staple of many Indian and Chinese dishes. Make your own paste at home and use liberally when cooking – you get the added benefits of ginger, too.

And if you’re worried about garlic breath, chew on some fresh parsley after a meal.


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