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Ancient Ideas for a Brand New You

Loading ImageWith the rise of fast food chains, processed food and obesity, weight control can feel like a modern problem. However, many contemporary wellness experts have begun looking back in time for the clues and tips to improve your weight loss, and your overall wellbeing.
Chinese whispers – Ma Huang is a Chinese herb that is recognised by many 21st century experts as having unique thermogenic properties that can directly and indirectly fight weight gain. It is said to enhance your digestion and metabolism and burn fat. Ma Huang also increases your pulse rate, which in turn helps you to perspire and flush out excess fluids. If that Chinese remedy doesn’t do it for you, acupressure can be used for weight loss by targeting your appetite, metabolism and digestion. The aim of acupressure is to focus on pressure points located in a particular part of your body’s exterior, to get rid of the negative emotions which are linked with unhealthy eating, so you can discover a healthier relationship with food.

Walk like an Egyptian – Apple cider vinegar is said to have been used as a medicinal source and weight loss tool by the ancient Egyptians as early as 3000 BC! It contains a lot of helpful properties to aid your wellness, such as essential nutrients, and works for weight loss by increasing your metabolism and energy, decreasing your appetite and improving how well your body burns fat. It’s also an excellent cleansing agent.
Mind over matter – For thousands of years, Hoodia Gordonii has been used by San Bushmen of the Kalahari and is said to be a natural appetite suppressant, causing you to think you’re full even when no food intake has been made. If your mind won’t be deceived that way, try hypnosis. It can allow you to change the associations your brain makes with food and stress or depression.
In all of these tips, make sure you have plenty of information and expert advice to ensure the best possible outcome for your weight loss.


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