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Young, Free and Natural: Five At-Home Anti-Ageing Remedies

Natural Gas Revealed To Have Natural Anti-Ageing AbilityAs you get older, you may notice the odd wrinkle here and there, and start worrying about visible ageing. Wrinkles are a common skin wellness concern, with many women forking out thousands of pounds on Botox injections, face lifts, fillers, lasers or liposuction, or at least spending a pretty penny on expensive lotions, moisturisers, and anti-ageing creams. However, if you understand the main causes of wrinkles, you can determine your own inexpensive and natural way to avoid and minimise the problem In the first place.


As a general rule, the leading cause of wrinkles is direct exposure to the sun, but smoking can also take its toll on your skin (and, on a non-cosmetic level, these two factors can greatly damage your wellbeing too). Unhealthy skin can also arise from poor diet, lack of exercise, and stress, as well as rapid weight loss, heredity, and skin pigmentation. However, just because there is a long list of skin-damagers out there, it doesn’t mean you have to rush out and buy eight different anti-ageing creams. You may have all the wrinkle treatments you need right in your kitchen.


Firstly, because lemon juice is a deep cleansing agent, it is perfect for getting rid of your wrinkles. If you massage the juice all over your skin often, you’ll be surprised how long you can stave off the signs of ageing. While we’re on anti-ageing fruits, papaya is another natural source of anti-ageing goodness, as it contains lots of vitamins which are good for your skin, as well as your body in general. For the best results with this fruit, mash the papaya into a pulp and massage it into your face and neck.


However, it’s not just fruits that reduce the signs of ageing, but vegetables can also be a surprising help. Cabbage juice has been used for thousands of years for plumping and freshening up the skin. Simply massage the juice over your face and, when it dries, rinse with warm water for that fresh skin feeling. If that doesn’t appeal, try mixing rose water with honey and turmeric and applying it to your skin to eliminate wrinkles quickly. Finally, on one of the most popular anti-ageing remedies out there is egg whites and coconut oil. As with cabbage juice, apply the mixture to your face and allow it to dry completely before rinsing it off.


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