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kettlebell onlineIf you believe that your talents can’t help you succeed, think again.

With one planning to become a teacher and the other destined to become a Marine, the Joe and Anthony Vennare would never suspect that they would ever take the internet by storm. Within three years, the brothers had joined forces and created a fitness company with a little online zest in its midst.

Following the death of their father, the Vennare brothers put aside their aspirations to care for their mother and help her to cope with the loss. With their previous avenues closed, the brothers closed ranks with their family and decided to come up with a new solution.

“We said you know what, our dad worked his entire life so that we could do whatever we wanted — let’s make it worthwhile,” Joe says. “Hitting rock bottom sucked, but a lot of people never realize they can only go up from there — our goal was to do it in the best way possible.”

Having been surrounded by athletics and fitness since they were young boys, it was easy to put practice and passion into their business; the Kettlebell Cardio has caught the intrigued minds of many, earning the brothers the title of winners of VentureBeat’s Concept to Reality Contest.

Kettlebells, for those that don’t know, are large, weighted spheres with handles that are often associated with serious and experienced fitness buffs.

The Vennare brothers took the idea and reduced the risks, making it for easy-to-work-with groups, which can appeal to weekend warriors to the daily strong bow.

Now, with 500 trainers at their beck-and-call and thousands of people – both online and offline – wanting to test their muscles, the Vennare brothers have taken a long journey from destitution to intense success.

The real reward for the brothers however, was helping people.

“We hear things like ‘you changed my life’ or ‘you changed my energy, how I interact with my family, how I do my job,’ ‘everything is different,’” says Joe. “That’s our experience every single day, and we start to see how we have helped people improve their health, outlook, attitude. People tell us they never thought they could do it, but now they can because of us. It’s amazing.”


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