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What Is Reiki And How Can It Improve Your Health?

Of all the complementary healing practices gaining popularity today, Reiki occupies a leading position. Purportedly an ancient form of energy healing, it was channeled in Japan by a doctor and spiritual seeker within the twentieth century. As such, it is said to be a timeless intuitive technique. It provides an excellent method of healing, meditation and wellbeing for patients and practitioners alike.

Reiki healing makes use of universal, or ‘life-force’ energy. The healer places their hands on or over the body and, by the power of intention, allows the universal energy to flow through their body, entering at the crown of their head and leaving through the palms. Channeling energy in this way is a capacity open to everybody, but those initiated in Reiki have had their ability to transmit energy opened by a special atonement ritual.

The experience of a Reiki treatment brings sensations of calm, relaxation and bliss to the body and mind. Ongoing treatments can provide a significant boost to your wellness in all areas. The transmission of energy from the healer should boost the total energy source in your body, and some people even achieve specific healing experiences, visions, or images of past lives.

A successful Reiki treatment relies on the vision and concentration of the healer. They have to be able to maintain their intention to heal, and the relaxed concentration that allows energy to flow through them. Reiki practitioners who develop their ability to do this are able to move on to more demanding forms of Reiki, such as distance or psychic healing. Eventually, they will graduate to become a Reiki Master, meaning they are able to attune others to heal with the power of Reiki.

If you are keen to try Reiki, spend some time finding a practitioner who has good testimonials. Reiki courses are cheap and easy to take these days, and that means there are a lot of people out there who haven’t put enough time and effort into developing their practice. While it is true that anybody can be attuned to Reiki, additional personal qualities such as concentration and intuition are the ingredients that make a true healer. Look out for a practitioner you believe to have these qualities, in order to receive maximum wellness benefits from your first Reiki experience.


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