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Dealing with Stress: 5 Tips to Handling the Pressure

Learning to deal with stress and managing stress levels is an important part of life. Family life and your career can often bring what seem likely overwhelming pressures to bear on mind and body.

So how do you cope with stress? Here are 7 handy tips to relieving mind and body without turning to unhealthy crutches such as tobacco and alcohol to cope.

Take control of your problems. When you are passive, you are more likely to feel helpless in the face of any difficulties. So confront the issue head on and you will find that taking control will empower you and reduce the stress you feel.

Exercise regularly. Physical activity works as a mood elevator and while it won’t get rid of your stress, it will help you clear your mind and provide a better focus.

Identify the triggers that indicate your stress levels are rising; for example, your pulse or heart rate increasing in certain situations may be a very obvious physical sign. Take time to consider the situations that cause you the most stress and look for ways to reduce them.

Step away from stressful situations. Take five minutes of breathing time when you feel things getting on top of you. A common cause of stress is overwork and having too much to do. Reduce your workload where you can and find some quality time to relax without constantly checking a Blackberry.

Ditch those unhealthy stress crutches. Caffeine, tobacco and alcohol are typically used by people for a little support when they are under pressure. But each simply adds to problems while only giving a moment’s relief. Instead learn to talk to other people. Find someone to confide in with whom you can share your problems. The old adage of “a problem shared is a problem halved” is still true today.


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