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Creative Ways to Lose Weight

With the sunny weather promising a great summer, the future beckons you to get ready for that bikini or those flexing tones to catch people’s eyes.

It sounds great in theory.

The question is, what fitness programme can fit into your schedule – and what’s best for you?

Finding a fitness routine can be tricky – there will be times when you just can’t manage it. Tiny blips are just fine, so long as that’s all they are.

There plenty of ways of working out – a variety of fitness techniques can tone different parts of your body, whether it is lifting weights, dancing, cycling – even walking burns those lumps! No matter where you look, there is a way out there just for you.

One such technique is through gaming.

That’s right – video games that help you to lose weight!

Known as “exergaming”, it was found by University of Calgary Exergaming Research Centre, the American Council on Exercise, and the University of Massachusetts Department of Exercise and Health Sciences that on an intermediate or high-level intensity, the game substantially improved the player’s fitness.

One such game is known as the Zumba® Fitness program (, which is described as “dance-based routines within Zumba Fitness Core are specifically designed to sculpt stronger abs and provide an exhilarating total body workout,” according to Liz Buckley, General Manager of the Zumba Fitness video game franchise at Majesco Entertainment.

“In fact, Zumba Fitness Core is the only video game on the market to target your core. With 33 different dance styles, and 40 contagious music tracks, you get an incredible amount of variety as you benefit from ‘exercise in disguise.’”

For other forms of exercise, make it fun by pairing up with someone! You can keep each other committed to flattening that tum, whilst also laughing about the various antics involved in exercise (because really, some do feel a little silly, even though it helps you).


• Set a regular time and place to meet. Set ground rules for when it’s acceptable to miss a session. Keep each other informed!

• Make sure your partner is equally committed.

• Have common fitness goals.

• Be sure you have similar fitness levels and abilities.


With console gaming on a roll, the popular Wii and the Kinect on the Xbox 360 enables players to chat up online, meaning that you can share fitness goals and work together on the multi-player features whilst having oodles of fun!

Getting into a fitness program is a tough cookie, but once you get into the ones that you like, sticking to it might be easier than you think!


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