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Pranic Energy: What is it and How Can You Harness its Power?

start meditatingPranic energy is said to be the one pervasive energy that governs the subtle laws throughout the universe and reveals the nature surrounding your life. In Chinese it is known as chi, but it’s also known as prana in Sanskrit, Ki in Japanese and ruach in Herbrew. This energy supposedly fuels all aspects of your wellbeing, including physical, emotional, spiritual and even financial wellness. According to complementary therapy experts, if you harness the different frequencies at which pranic vibrates, you can incur healing, psychic protection, spiritual growth, improved relationships and prosperity.


Sourced from the sun, air, ground, food, vitamins and spiritual sources, pranic energies are absorbed through the chakras, or energy wheels, that pump fresh pranic energy into your body, while expelling impurities and used-up energies. Master Choa Kok Sui’s Pranic Healing System® asserts that your 11 major chakras are thoroughly cleansed of diseased energies and replenished with fresh pranic energies, distributing them throughout your body, giving you the ability to recharge and heal.


When it comes to your thoughts and emotions, these energies play a role at different frequencies. A clairvoyant claims to see the very low vibrating energies of anger and resentment as dirty or greyish-red energies, whereas love and spiritual devotion energies are uplifting and seen as pink, violet and gold. Pranic healing and cleansing techniques can therefore be used to extract the former, and, at some point, replenish them with loving and spiritual energies, pulling you out of your proverbial rut and boosting your happiness and positivity.


If you have phobias, anxiety and addictions, you may be able to find relief through pranic healing, and projecting pink and gold energies to loved ones and friends can help to create more harmonious relationships. If certain crystals are used, pranic energies can aid in healing and psychic protection. Practitioners will use a clear quartz crystal for healing, with the aim of projecting a multitude of colour energy frequencies to help different physical ailments. An amethyst crystal is recommended for negative thoughts and emotion, because it emits the same colour of pranic energies that are generated when in deep meditation. Look online for more information.


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