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Fighting Life’s Surprises: a Five Step Guide to Weight Loss

With so many surprises in life, is it any wonder why weight loss and wellness plans can go flying out the window? Whether it’s an unexpected joy or annoyance that arrives in your life, it is usually at this point when you end up struggling to lose weight and shape up. Every great endeavour you undertake in life requires a good plan of action – and weight loss is no different. All you need is a game plan to achieve your targets and goals, whether you want to boost your overall sense of wellbeing, or get shape sexy in time for summer.

In your weight loss plan, there are five very important steps. Step number one is to find out what your ideal weight should be. Go online and find out your target BMI (Body Mass Index). This will take your height and weight into account and tell you how far away you are from a healthy body – you should never try and lose more weight than the minimum end of your target BMI range.

Once you have your target, set your goals. Work out the given time you are prepared to diet for, and how much weight you can realistically lose in that time. No one is going to lose 13 stone in a week – decide how much you’re going to try to lose in little chunks. This will be a lot easier to manage – losing a few pounds a week, say – then blinding saying “I’m going to drop three dress sizes” without little goals along the way.

Next comes the sweaty part – you have to burn it off. To achieve fat loss, you cannot do it without exercise. Building your muscles is intrinsic to effective weight loss, as muscles speed up your metabolism. This means that you need to do weight training activities appropriate to your body size and type, as well as cardio exercise to burn off those unwanted calories.

Fourth on this list is to have a healthy diet plan. Look online or contact a dietician to find out the right foods to stimulate fat loss and help you get closer to your weight loss goal. Fifthly and finally, keep a journal. Maintaining a record of your weight loss journey will help you to look back and see how far you’ve come, which, in turn, will inspire you to keep going. A weight loss journal will also help you see what’s working for you, and the things in your weight loss plan that need a tweak.


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