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Is The Gluten-Free Diet Such a Good Idea?

In the ever-present search to find and deal with bad nutritional habits, gluten-free eating has been receiving a lot of attention and considered to be something that could be very beneficial to our overall health. But experts at the University of Alabama at Birmingham say that it is not to be confused with standard weight loss procedures.

Despite the recent surge in popularity, celebrity endorsements and an increasing availability and sales of gluten-free foods, there is no published experimental evidence to support benefits for a gluten free diet for most people. It’s true that many gluten free foods can be high in fat and calories and that is definitely bad for us.

Gluten is a type of protein that is found in wheat, barley, rye and other similar substances. It can damage the villi in the small intestine when eaten by someone who suffers from Celiac disease (CD), and this causes the body to not absorb essential nutrients effectively. Someone who has been diagnosed with CD needs to get rid of these products from their diet for life.

It is also known that there are also individuals with non-Celiac gluten intolerance who have a variety of symptoms from foods with gluten, but do not suffer intestinal damage and would also benefit from removing it from their diet.

It can be problematic to remove such things from your diet and if someone chooses to live a gluten-free life without any known gluten sensitivity, they need to help supplement their diet with these vitamins and nutrients. Not doing so would actually put them at a serious risk of reducing their wellness and make them more vulnerable to diseases and illnesses.


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