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Sex Addiction is a Growing Problem For Asians

Sex has always been something of a taboo topic in the Asian community. It is only in recent times that things have become more open to young British Asians and South Asians too. Sex addiction however, is a very different story altogether. For some it is a real condition which causes real problems in life, while some others believe it is just an excuse.

There is no doubt about it: everyone is having sex, mature adults and young adults alike. Even those who are underage are known to sometimes participate in it. Some people are open about it but many also choose to stay quiet on the matter whether out of shame or not wanting to let parents down. For British Asians specifically, this can usually be due to religion or cultural expectations.

In the predominant South Asian culture, sex before marriage is still commonly discouraged and frowned upon. So, how do you get people to admit they may have a problem if they won’t admit to even doing it? Online pornography is a major addiction. Like alcoholics, many people who suffer from it won’t willingly admit it and believe it’s a normal or healthy level. The truth is there are many different types of sex addiction.

Interestingly, in many Asian countries there a laws in place to try to fight against this sort of problem. Viewing porn is actually illegal in Pakistan and is very difficult to access. It is also illegal in Bangladesh, but so called ‘blue movies’ are quite common. In India, viewing porn is not illegal but it is illegal to distribute it.


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