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Are You Proud of Your Body? Easy Ways to Improve it

Getting the perfect body is not just a case of sticking to a strict diet, depriving yourself of all your favourite foods, and waiting for your body to shape up all on its own. This kind of attitude is what often leads to yoyo dieting, or switching very quickly between different diets, as one fails to work, or works but leaves the dieter with a body that doesn’t really look any better than their overweight body did.

It is vitally important for your wellness and wellbeing that you incorporate fitness into your weight loss regime, but on top of that, it is also the best way to build a body that you can be proud of. Simply weight loss on its own will not do as much as you think to improve your body, you need to make sure you are following some important rules in all areas of your life to ensure that your body is healthy, nourished and lean.

Having breakfast, for example, is really vital. It can be tempting to skip meals when you are on a diet, but this actually slows down your metabolism and makes you more likely to gain weight. Breakfast kickstarts your metabolism for the day and stabilises your energy stores.

You should watch what you drink too – water is the best drink of all, and should be taken in large quantities to keep your system flushed out and your skin hydrated. Switching from whole to skim milk is also a really easy way to cut down calories. Drinking a glass of water before meals can also help as it fills you up, and also because thirst is often mistaken by the body as hunger, so it will avoid falling into this trap.

Healthy snacks such as vegetables, small amounts of nuts and low-fat yoghurt are all really important, and soup is a great option too for keeping you healthy and keeping your vegetable intake up.

Always eat sitting down at the table, and chew your food slowly, to make yourself aware that you are eating, as it is too easy to be distracted and not pay attention to how much you are consuming or whether or not you are actually still hungry.


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