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New Way to Curb Type 2 Diabetes

A team of researchers has shown good progress while studying a new way to treat people with Type 2 Diabetes by using a barrier that is able to block some harmful foods. Experts have thought for a long time that there is a strong link between diabetes and obesity. It’s so strong some have coined a new word for it: “diabesity”.

There is no doubt that diabetes is one of the biggest health concerns in the world right now. It has been previously worried about as only a problem the highly developed nations, but as cheap, sugar-filled food and drinks spreads across the world there are increasing problems with the condition everywhere.

The researchers, who are based at the University of Colorado Anschutz campus, are getting ready to test the new potential treatment for those who are struggling with their weight and diabetes. The new medical device that it is hoped will deal with part of the problem resembles a tube-shaped plastic bag and is called the Endobarrier.

There is no need to cut into the body and no medication is involved. The device is simply inserted through the mouth and down the oesophagus and stomach and into the intestine. The barrier is able to help with weight loss.

Some studies show that it improves Type 2 Diabetes. Now researchers in the U.S. have decided to put it to the test. A clinical trial will include around 500 patients with up to 25 in Colorado. It will be free to participate.

The year-long study does have some risks including possible pain where the barrier attaches and possible bleeding. The device will be removed the same way it was put in.


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