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The Secret to Keeping Your Joints and Bones Healthy

As you get older, the risks to the wellbeing of your joints and bones continue to increase. There are many different factors which affect the wellness of your joints and bones, and it is these areas that you should focus on in particular if your joints and bones are to remain supple into middle and old age.

First of all, lifestyle choices are an important factor, particularly with regards to osteoporosis and arthritis. These can include exercise and correct nutrition. Keeping a healthy weight through these two factors is important because excess weight can put a large amount of strain on the body’s joints and bones. In addition to this, making sure that you are taking in the right nutrients can help to ensure that your bones are as strong and healthy as they possibly can be.

Gender also plays a role in your risk of having problems with your joints. For women, this comes in the form of low levels of oestrogen during the early menopause. This low oestrogen can lead to a reduction in how well bones repair themselves. Men struggle when they suffer from low levels of testosterone as this can lead to bone loss.

Alcohol consumption has also been found to be linked to bone health. Whilst older studies indicated that  drinking alcohol reduced the body’s ability to absorb vitamin D, which is vital for bone health, more recent studies have shown that alcohol may have a beneficial effect in protecting against arthritis.

Genetics play an important role too. Having a close family history of osteoporosis, and hip fractures in particular, puts you at increased risk of suffering from osteoporosis yourself.

Smoking, as well as having other negative effects on your health, can also weaken your bones due to the toxic effects of cigarettes.


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