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Can Losing Weight Improve Your Sex Life?

In modern society, sex has become a big part of people’s lives, bringing lasting and not-quite-so-lasting relationships to bloom. In such libertarian times, sensuality and confidence stand as figureheads – and most attempt to abide by them.

Obesity however, stands as the sexual party-crasher, which can cause such issues such as diabetes, heart disease and hypertension, which can then lead to a lack of libido and erectile dysfunction. Losing weight can be the best thing for your sex (and love) life.


Here are 10 ways as to how being overweight can affect sex


  1. Erectile Dysfunction

Well, that blood has to go all over the place – the more you have hanging from your body, the more that the blood has to be pumped around before hitting down south. Problems related to erectile dysfunction can be issues such as high cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes, which in turn, are related to weight.


  1. Hormonal Imbalance Means Low Libido

Obesity is sometimes linked with hormonal imbalance and low testosterone, which in turn, can limit the amount of sexual desire in both genders. This can lead to fatigue in children and slowed development in growing children as they approach puberty. Girls especially suffer irregular periods and thyroid problems, whilst boys suffer fatigue and a lack of development in male breasts.


  1. Infertility

In women, obesity can lead to complications that makes eggs harder to fertilise. Furthermore, the eggs tend to have abnormalities, which could affect a potential baby. With obesity, there can be a significant excess of insulin and the risk of PCOD, which is a condition when the individual has irregular periods and small, immature eggs that are unlikely to fertilise. As such, the chances for miscarriage are far higher.

With men, obesity affects the sperm count. A fatty diet can often mean a lower quality of sperm; men that ate saturated fats had a 35% lower sperm count and a 38% sperm concentration.


  1. Obesity-Linked Diseases that Affect Sex

Part of the tell-tale signs of diabetes is erectile dysfunction, which sit alongside a slew of issues such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cancer and hypertension. Worse still, the drugs taken to combat these disorders can bring a batch of new problems, such as impotence, decreased sex drive, ejaculation problems and even a lack of orgasms.


  1. “Buried Penis” Syndrome

Not to be mistaken for a micro-penis, it’s almost as if your body is playing an uncomfortable game of hide-and-seek, but with abdominal fat and folds of skin, it can make the penis look small or “buried”, which can, let’s face it, be a little off putting.


  1. Sexually-Transmitted Disease and Unwanted Pregnancies

With obesity playing on confidence and sexual desire, it is less likely that one would be prepared for sex when it happens. As a result, obese people end up having high-risk sex that can land individuals with sexually-transmitted disease and unwanted pregnancy.


  1. Less Sex Positions

Nobody’s a gymnast when it comes to shenanigans, but the popular missionary position will be out of play if the partner is too heavy. If both partners are obese, then the abdomen will bar any penetration. The rear entry is also a little clumsy as the receiver will have to spend a lot of time on their knees. Spooning is also restricted due to the motion of lying side-by-side.


  1. Unlikely to Have Sex

Society is a particularly cruel mistress, with looks playing a lot into sexual partnership. The trap of the overweight, wealthy man attracting beautiful gold-diggers is a predominant one, but nowhere is there room for a wealthy, overweight woman with a handsome (albeit shallow) lover.


  1. Self-Esteem, Depression and More

Following what society says, this can lead to a horrible blend of shaming and bullying, which promotes negative body image. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you, regardless of how you are stereotyped. Remember that obesity is a medical condition and that through exercise and diet, you are helping yourself, rather than proving the bullies right. In the end, how you look at yourself will promote your image – if it’s you who finds problems with yourself, then you are helping yourself by doing something about it. In the end, nobody knows the life that you’ve walked.


  1. Lack of Stamina

Obesity tends to leave individuals feeling quite fatigued. This can often sneak into your sex life, wearing you out before you can even start. It will also decrease the chances of maintaining an erection.


We all want to have a decent sex life to quietly comfort the craze of our lives. It motivates us, offers confidence in ourselves and with others, granting a sense of security as we draw a number of people into the increasing bubble of craze. It’s not something that you want under threat – and by keeping your weight down, you will both have more to explore and more to enjoy for much longer, by doing just a little more.


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