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Holistic Living: Eat Well for Mind, Body and Spirit Balance

Holistic living offers us the opportunity to achieve balance in every area of our lives. Our health, relationships, spiritual wellbeing, mental wellness and finances can all benefit when we commit to living in a way that understands and recognises the connection between mind, body and spirit.

Balancing all of those aspects in the correct way allows us to become the best we can be, improving our relationships with friends and family, and giving us the tools to learn how to get along with others and handle life’s stresses.

A healthy diet is one of the first building blocks of holistic living. Make gradual changes to what you eat and drink, looking always for fresh food and avoiding processed and pre-packaged products to limit the amount of toxins we take in. The most important point of a holistic diet is that you continue to enjoy what you eat so you don’t become dispirited or turned off by your food.

Don’t deny yourself some of the treats you love because this can make you unhappy but, in the main, aim for a balanced diet that puts health at the forefront. Aim for smaller portions and take time to sit at a table (where possible) and most definitely away from distractions such as the television or other media – when you eat holistically, your focus should be on your food. The right eating habits will increase your ability to relax and when you are aware always of what you’re eating and where it has come from, it improves your spiritual link with your food.

Healthy eating will improve your mood as well as your physical health and give you the energy you need to achieve all other aspects of holistic living, such as exercise, spiritual growth and improving your relationships.


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