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Eat more, weigh less: New DietHeaven eating programme lets slimmers have their cake and eat it

Loading ImageA brand new deprivation-free eating plan launches on 1 January 2012 and is set to revolutionise the way women approach weight loss. An antidote to faddy diets and calorie-counting plans, DietHeaven shows food lovers how to enjoy their favourite meals and fill up on tasty snacks while watching the pounds drop off. By taking a gradual and sustainable approach to realistic weight loss, the programme encourages slimmers to re-wire their eating habits and choose natural, unprocessed and vitamin-rich foods. These form the basis of a delicious, wholesome menu that’s a pleasure to stick to.

In DietHeaven, there are no forbidden foods. Women are encouraged to focus on healthy ‘halo’ choices and learn to identify less beneficial ‘horns’ options. The emphasis is on enjoying a divine selection of favourite foods and banishing deprivation – the founders have even created a range of tempting recipes which make it easy to turn indulgent favourites (including chocolate cake and bread) into ‘halo’ foods. “Friends couldn’t believe I was losing weight but eating so much food,” comments DietHeaven’s founder, Karen Hutson. “I’d initially set out to simply eat more healthily as my energy levels were so low. But I soon realised that my size was the issue and that by swapping processed, poor quality rubbish in my diet with decent, natural vitamin-packed ingredients, I was beginning to feel better, lose weight and look great. I lost five stone in nine months and have never felt more alive!

“I believe all women should be given the tools and encouragement they need to make informed decisions about their health, size and shape, so DietHeaven has been born to bring these women together in a supportive, collaborative community.”

As well as saintly ‘halo’ recipes, tools in the DietHeaven armoury include the “Ten Commandments” giving basic guidelines for an angelic approach to eating that’s truly satisfying and works miracles for the waistline. The programme’s e-book explains the thinking behind the plan in detail. Members use the DietHeaven website as their main resource for advice, suggestions, motivation and inspiration from the founder and other members.

The simple idea of looking after yourself well means that DietHeaven members can achieve a heavenly body without going through deprivation hell. It’s a positive approach to eating, acknowledging the enjoyment that comes from pure, satisfying and tasty food. There’s no sense of restriction nor any measuring of fat grams. Unlike many regimes, there’s no fiendish exercise schedule to follow in the background either: Karen believes that everyone will find a natural level of enjoyable everyday activity that’s right for them, as part of their re-awakened consciousness of overall health and well-being.

Karen is passionate about DietHeaven and hopes it will be a blessing for countless others, helping them succeed where traditional and restrictive diets have failed. “The plan lets people truly enjoy eating whilst achieving optimum health and their dream body. Dieters can eat all their favourite foods and still lose weight.”

For further information about DietHeaven and to read about the programme, please visit Membership costs between £10 and £12.95 per month and a reward scheme is in place whereby members can potentially earn back their subscription fee in M&S vouchers by recommending others.


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