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Nightly Exercise Might Not Be Worth The Effort

Exercise should be an important part of anyone’s life. It’s important to try and stay fit and healthy so as to enhance your wellness and ensure you live a long life. It’s not always easy to do and oft times the last thing you want to do at the end of a long day at work is go to the gym. It can be especially hard if you’re not naturally an energetic or sporty person as it’s always easier to do something if you enjoy it. There are plenty of people who do enjoy the gym, crazy as that sounds. They think nothing of 45 minutes a night on the old cycling machines, or the treadmills and good for them. I wish I had the capacity for such receptivity but I’d get bored. I once bought a gym membership; it was the most expensive café I’ve ever sat in. Enough said really.

If you’re like me then I’ve got some great news for you, if you’re not like me then this is still great news! It turns out that, though 45 minutes a night is fine and dandy, all you really need to do is around 30 minutes of intense exercise. It’s all about getting your heart really pumping and once you reach that point you’ll be getting just as much benefit as you would if you were working out for longer at a steadier pace. Three half hour stints of intense exercise show the same advantages of nightly 45 minute steady work outs do. So in just 1.5 hours a week you could be getting nicely fit and healthy.

We’re really interested in seeing just how this works. Try it for six weeks and let us know what your results have been! You could well be faced with an entirely new and slimmer you!


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