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Mind and Spirit: The Erotically-Charged Journey of the Body

sex meditationThe carnal aspects of life are as natural to us as food and breathing, but few realise that our emotions and even our spirits are reliant on our sensuality. For this reason, a set of daily meditations can be beneficial for you and your partner to set you on a path to spiritual and sexual enlightenment whilst forming a psychological pattern that you can sink comfortably into.


You are born with 5 senses – in sex, the most prominent one will be touch; but where do the rest fit in? If you have ever sat back and enjoyed an erotic novel, then the senses of touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight all seem to be embraced by the main character. There is more truth in those trashy tales than you may think and it can help to boost your sex life to new, daring extremes. The more that you practice, the less fearful you will feel:

  • Familiarise yourself and your partner with your erogenous zones.
  • Use all five senses during sex.
  • Pick one of your senses to focus on during sex – introduce a new fragrance or discover your lover’s scents.


We have all heard the tragic tales of the people that seem to have everything going for them, only for them to casually throw it away. Whether we feel anger, disgust, jealousy or insecurity, feeling self-confident is one of the greatest feats that you can accomplish. We feel the discomforts that we may be forgotten, abandoned or treated indifferently before, during or after your relationship, but this never has to be the case. During sex, feeling safe within yourself and in the course of your relationship is important.

  • Are you the damsel in distress or the one in control? Do others give you security? In what form? Does this devalue either of you?
  • Release yourself from the bondage of using others to feel safe. Write an inventory of all the ways you seek out security, and how each has worked out for you.
  • What makes you face each day? What are your strengths? Use them to find your way towards inner-peace. Self-reflection is an excellent motivator in sex, relationships and spiritual life.


It’s not uncommon that any sexual health issue is treated singularly, rather than across any other bodily category, but the truth is that any health problem can impact on your sex life. Those that have health issues should not restricted sexually, regardless if it’s psychological, genetic or otherwise – everyone deserves a deep, sexual connection with those that they care about.

  • We can express deep sexual energy with a partner without getting physical. If your partner has health issues or is ill, you can still radiate erotic energy toward their inner being. Affirm sexual health regardless of the external circumstances.
  • Restoring your sexual health might include examining your sexual history, as you would review your medical history for a physician. Twelve-step programs often require a sexual inventory as part of the healing process. An online search will guide you to complete your own version of a sexual inventory.
  • For medical problems, you find the right specialist. What sexual issues recur in your life today, and where would it be most sensible to go for help?


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