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Why Doctors Could be Recommending That You Drink Alcohol

It’s not often that you hear medical professionals actually advising you to drink alcohol for the benefit of your wellness. That scenario could become a reality as evidence continues to emerge about the link between alcohol consumption and the wellbeing of your joints.

A new British study has revealed that alcohol could provide some kind of protection from rheumatoid arthritis. This could benefit literally thousands of lives, as 600,000 people in Britain are currently thought to be suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, which is a painful condition causing swelling and inflammation of the joints. It is caused by the immune system (the body’s internal method of protecting against disease) firing into action without any cause, and attacking the body’s own joints. As well as causing pain, this can lead to mild flu-like symptoms. Many sufferers struggle to lead an active life, and can find daily activities extremely difficult.

The experts who have conducted the study believe that alcohol may have some kind of anti inflammatory effect as well as being useful as a mild painkiller.

Drinking in moderation, that is, having a glass of wine from time to time, could also reduce your risk of falling victim to osteo problems such as arthritis, as research has revealed that teetotalers or those who hardly ever drink alcohol are twice as likely to succumb to the debilitating disease than those who have the occasional drink.

Published in Rheumatology journal, the study shows that a few drinks per week could help to protect people from arthritis. As it currently stands, the reasons behind this protection are unknown, although many scientists believe that it is connected to the anti inflammatory properties that alcohol is believed to possess. Studies carried out on mice, where alcohol was added to their drinking water, have indicated that small daily amounts may be best when it comes to fighting arthritis.


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