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Meet Earth Dog: The Superhero Whose Foe is Climate Change

Environmental superhero, Earth Dog is outdoing himself by readying a new book to help families conserve energy and give their children a cleaner planet. In order to give your environmental wellness a boost, Earth Dog’s new book, Earth Dog’s Environmental Guide to Saving You Money and Preventing Climate Change, provides important information provided the EPA.

Earth Dog’s Environmental Guide is a practical guide for the whole family, and everybody who cares about conserving energy at home to save money and the planet’s wellbeing. Given that recent extreme weather events, particularly in the US – such as a historic Midwestern drought, massive East Coast storms like Sandy, brutal heat waves, and widespread wildfires in Western states – have raised questions about climate change, Earth Dog’s environmental message can’t come fast enough!

Now available on Amazon, Earth Dog’s new book is the sequel to The Earth Dog Story, which launched the canine superhero’s quest to save the planet. The new Earth Dog guide is a valuable educational tool to help with the fight against climate change, as more and more young readers are turning to e-books. According to recent reports, e-book readership now surpasses that of traditional books, and young readers are leading the revolution.

Earth Dog himself is an environmental superhero who educates young people around the world about environmental issues affecting their planet. However, not only does Earth Dog help to raise young peoples’ awareness about ecological problems that they and future generations will face, he also, through understanding and cooperation, teaches your children the problem-solving skills they need if the environment is a top concern.

First published as a storybook in 1992, and then in 1996 in cooperation with the US Department of Energy as a part of its Environmental Out Reach Program with Weekly Reader, The Earth Dog Story has helped a generation of young people to learn and care about environmental issues. However, the popular children’s environmental superhero is now making his comeback, and he’s got his eye on children of all ages. Aside from his two e-books, Earth Dog has spawned a new line of promotional products available on the new Earth Dog online store, as well as an Earth Dog® app on iTunes.


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