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Could Doing Regular Cardiovascular Exercise Cure Cancer?

A new study has revealed that those concerned with their wellbeing in terms of their risk of cancer can actually do something proactive to help reduce their chances of either getting or dying from the deadly disease.

This study was conducted on mice, by a team of scientists who put them through their paces (quite literally) and then assessed their wellness.

The mice were divided into two groups, with one fed a controlled diet and the other fed a high fat diet. One group then were given regular exercise, by being placed on a motorised treadmill for 60 minutes per day, five days per week, whilst the other group were not given any exercise and allowed to remain fairly sedentary. After 32 weeks of the experiment, 71 percent of the mice who were taking exercise developed tumours that were larger than 10mm, as opposed to 100 percent of those who had a sedentary lifestyle.

Lead researchers say that this indicates that there is a significant benefit to doing regular exercise, and that it can reduce your chances of developing cancerous tumours. It also was shown that the exercise decreased the levels of liver disease in mice, and we can draw direct parallels between this and humans, whose unhealthy, fat-filled lifestyles often lead them to develop liver disease. This, in turn, can lead to liver cancer, but what the new research shows is that the risk could be dramatically reduced if people were just to exercise regularly, no matter what kind of lifestyle they were leading.



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