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Is Overexercising Affecting Your Sperm Count?

It’s a general fact that exercise is essential to your lifestyle, whether you are the daily jogger, the gym-buff or the weekend warrior. With healthy, grinning faces boasting an amount of weekly calories burned away and muscles that could dent a car, there hardly seems to be a downside to it.

Naturally, sex and fertility hardly ever seem to play a part in exercise – but too much of a good thing can be a very terrible extreme.

Ladies want the sexy curves to go with that impossibly daring outfit, but it never hurts to look after yourself in the meantime!

For women of average weight, there is the issue of Amenorrhea: a delay in the menstrual cycle that lasts for more than three months. Long-term, excess exercise combined with not enough food is sometimes the cause of this, which can then affect your fertility in the long run. To avoid it, consider a greater intake of calories if you do not wish to lessen the amount of training that you do.

In other cases, it should be noted that obesity can affect your fertility when your body becomes overheated – on the other side of the scale, exercising for a long duration can also affect the oestrogen levels.

Men are not entirely out of the picture though. Some may love a grubby man who can flex, lift and sort out their carburettor, but long-term, exhaustive exercises can lessen the sperm count, as well as your likelihood to conceive. Arguably, heavy-resistance training can increase testosterone, which can then have a chain-effect on other hormones – fertility included.

Does this mean chucking out the running shoes altogether?

Far from it!

Instead, like your diet, work out in moderation and don’t be too vigorous – any exercise still maintains your muscles – as long as you keep note of what you’re doing and how much you’re doing; there will be a chance to have a healthy family, as well as a happy body without pushing yourself too far.


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