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The Truth About Being Diabetic And Having Children

Pregnancy can be a difficult time, and having diabetes can be a difficult challenge. Put both of these two things together, and things can become even more challenging than ever before.

One woman has been chronicling her journey through pregnancy and diabetes, noting all changes to her wellness and wellbeing in order that other diabetes sufferers can have a firsthand idea of what it is like to go through pregnancy as a diabetic.

This courageous blogger found that towards the end of her pregnancy she suffered from a great deal of increased heat and sweating. This gave her a clue that her baby would soon be on the way.

When in labour, she consulted the list she had prepared for herself, entitled ‘diabetes and delivery’, which was to help remind her of all the things she would need to do to ensure that her diabetes was in check during her labour and delivery.

One of the things was to change her pump site, but this was certainly not an appealing process when in labour. She had decided to do this due to not wanting to have to change her site whilst in hospital (which is really not something to be afraid of), but she had not calculated on how hard this process would be during labour.

Her sole birth plan was for how to manage her diabetes, and this was something that she came into conflict with medical staff about, who wanted to put sugar in her IV drip, despite her requests. In the end, they called her own doctor to confirm whether it was ok for her to manage her own condition while in labour, which of course it was.

After safely managing her diabetes during labour, a healthy baby girl was delivered.



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