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Eight Ways That You Can Improve Your Sexual Stamina

To enjoy a healthy sex life, sexual health is something that needs to be constantly worked on and improved. Sexual stamina is important, as it helps you to enjoy a far more fulfilling sex life, both for you and for your partner.

There are eight ways that you can keep on top of sexual stamina, and they will also help to improve your general wellness and wellbeing.

1)     Work on your groin muscles. Basic groin stretches can help you keep the area as supple as possible, which will mean that you are more able to enjoy a prolongued and steamy sex session without suffering from aches and pains the next day.

2)     Build up your arm muscles. Many sexual positions require good upper body strength. It could be a good idea to use weights to gradually tone up your arm muscles, which has the added benefit of creating a sexy physique.

3)     Stay alert. Make sure you take precautions during any sexual encounters. This will allow you to relax, as you know that there will be no unwanted repercussions from your night of passion.

4)     Reduce your alcohol consumption. Alcohol can have a really bad effect on your sexual prowess. It may make you feel more confident at the party and in the crowd, but when it comes to the bedroom it can have quite the reverse effect, leading to problems such as erectile dysfunction.

5)     Improve your blood flow. Using massage and flexing of your groin muscle can help to improve the blood flow to the area as effectively as Viagra.

6)     Flex your abdominal muscles. Your abdominal muscles are the key to sexual energy, and work to thrust the groin forward during intercourse.

7)     Don’t love yourself. Try to avoid any ‘self love’ before a sexual encounter or you may burn off too much energy before the big date.

8)      Stretch your quads and calves. Cramp can be a real passion killer, so make sure you keep these muscles loose before an encounter.


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