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What Supplements Should You Take to Help With Allergies?

People who suffer from allergies are often willing to try anything to help improve their wellbeing. It can be frustrating for them to suffer asthma, for example, day in and day out without really knowing what they can do to improve the situation. Many products are marketed as being beneficial to those who suffer from such allergies, but with so much on the market, trying to work out which products actually make any sort of difference can be a minefield.

There are two products, however, that definitely do have a positive effect on wellness, and if you suffer from allergies, it may be well worth your while considering how to include these two types of product in your diet.

The first is probiotics. Although there are few official claims that probiotics help with allergies, there is no denying the scientific evidence that is gradually mounting up which indicates that this may well be the case.

It is thought that this is due to the fact that gut flora has a huge influence on childhood health, and on the health of these children as they grow into adolescents and then adults.

Many allergies, such as asthma and eczema often present themselves early on in a human being’s life, meaning that this is the prime time to start targeting them and trying to avoid a lifelong problem. It is hoped that the consumption of probiotics at the earliest possible stage (for example by pregnant or nursing mothers, to enable the probiotics to pass to the baby) will create a healthy bacterial environment and help to reduce the incidences of asthma.

The other product that it’s worth being aware of is fish oil. This contains those all-important omega 3 fatty acids. The body is naturally high in omega 6, so consuming the omega 3s helps to balance this out. Unlike omega 6s, omega 3s are thought to have anti-inflammatory properties, and this could help counteract the inflammation of the airways that occurs in the case of asthmatics.


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