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The Troubles With Sex After Age 60

There is something of a belief that older people having sex is in some way wrong or unnatural. It is one of the few cultural taboos left in Western society and something that we don’t seem to like to think about it or talk about. But of course older people are having sex and it’s not something that anyone should feel ashamed about.

But what happens when your partner doesn’t seem to want to have sex anymore? Is there anything that you can do about it, or is that the end for your sex life? One 70-year-old woman found herself in that situation – her partner no longer wanted to have sex but when asked about it he attempted to avoid the issue and state that nothing was wrong. What could she do in this situation?

Of course if there is nothing wrong then why would be defensive about the idea to begin with? If your partner stops wanting to have sex it can be for a number of reasons and they have to admit it for you to be able to do anything about it.

Are there already problems with the relationship outside of having sex? Problems can be a big turn off for anyone and can make it almost impossible to ‘get in the mood’. It could also be a physical problem – something that many men suffer with as they get older. This can be an embarrassing thing for a man to admit so it is best not to pressure them in any way.

Nevertheless, approach the topic of what’s wrong with an open mind and be prepared to accept some things that you might not have expected.


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