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Why Should we All be Eating as Much Mango as Possible?

Although you are likely to be aware that fruit is an important part of a healthy diet, it is likely that you stick to boosting your wellness and wellbeing through the traditional favourites such as apples, oranges and bananas. Mangos are still seen as something of an exotic fruit and sales of these are far lower than some other more common types of fruit. New and previous studies, however, indicate that mangos may be highly beneficial, especially if you have diabetes.

In addition to this, mangos can help in the fight against cancer. The recent research highlights an experiment where obese animals were fed 10 grams of mango (free dried) every day for the duration of the 12 week experiment. It was noted that these animals experienced a reduction in blood sugar levels over the course of the experience. This could be breakthrough news for those suffering from type 2 diabetes who need to find ways to lower their blood sugar.

The key to all this may be the mixture of polyphenolic compounds which are included in mangos. These are natural plant chemicals, and there are over 4,000 different known varieties in existence. When it comes to human health, their main benefit to the human body are their antioxidant qualities, which can help to fight against free radicals which cause diseases and damage cells.

During the study, it was found that the free dried mango was very effective, even when compared to common drugs that were designed to fight diabetes. Mangos improved the tolerance to glucose and the lipid profile and actually reduced the levels of fat in the animals despite their high fat diet.



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